RAS WNBA history and thoughts on current market

For historical context the WNBA market is not something new to us. We have followed the league closely as a group, ran a WNBA service from 2008-2013, and have privately been one of the more prominent and successful groups active in the WNBA market over the past 15 years.

Counting the old service results and some sporadic free picks on Twitter, Slack, and Discord we’ve gone 276-211, 56.7%, +42.25 units on publicly released WNBA picks prior to the 2024 season.

It’s important to note that most of the public record above came from 2008-2013 and a lot has changed since then. I used to hate to hear old-timers talk about how easy things were back in the day, so it pains me to say this, but the WNBA market has gotten significantly more difficult in recent years. The openers used to be soft and would sit mostly untouched until morning of game. These days the openers are much better, they get hit overnight, in the morning, and everywhere in between.

As a result we’ve seen our private win rates and volume decrease in recent seasons, but even though it isn’t the candy store it used to be, it is still a beatable market and a worthwhile endeavor. We expect to hit 55% or better on lower volume WNBA releases this season.